My Priorities [UPDATED]


List of priorities in decending order (importance = 1/n)

[0] Base

[0.1] Knowledge creation and assimilation
[0.1999...99] Ensuring happiness of Self
[0.2000...01] Ensuring happiness of Loved Ones

[1] Values

[1.1] Maintain integrity at all cost
[1.2] Try your utmost not to hurt any living being without cause
[1.3] Hardwork and embracing schlep

[2] Health

[2.1] Ensuring good health comes first
[2.2] Maintain excellent cognitive, emotional and physical health
[2.3] Challenge and pushing own boundaries leads to strength
[2.4] Avoid new potential addictants and slowly wean off existing ones

[3] Games

[3.1] Always play fair
[3.2] Always play to win
[3.3] Avoid 0-sum games if you can

[4] Experiences

[4.1] Let nature be thy teacher
[4.2] Carpe diem. The World is large, keep your appetite larger
[4.3] Distrust all humans esp the ones with an agenda
[4.4] Keep experiences rich and diverse. Taboo is null

[∞] Everything that doesn't fall under any of the above [= Don't care]